This Way to Fame
Chasing a Star
Performance Art Teachers
Demonstrating Performance Art 101
Wrangling up some students
Props of the trade
Marshmallow Dumbells
Marshmallow Dumbells for everyone
come on, take one they don't bite
Can't you just feel yourself getting stronger
11. A fit body equals a fit mind.JPG
12.Now make some art .JPG
14.Superman shares his art making technique.JPG
19. tofu weiner dog.JPG
22.Candidates gettig ready to march.JPG
24. Pals for life.JPG
25.The How to become a Famous Performace Artist Parade .JPG
27.Recruiting some more folks for the paradeJPGJPG.JPG
29. The parade marches on.JPG
28. Everyone wants to be a famous performance artist.JPG
31.Perfromance art in the making .JPG
35. See you NEXT in Hollywood.JPG
32.The mobile training session of how to become a famous performance artist.JPG
33.looking for art students to teach in chinatown..slow sunday.JPG
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